Safety Manual

The 2017 Saftey Manual is online for you to download, keey on your phone or reference when needed.  Additionally, CVLL is providing a Basic First Aid for Coaches at CVLL as a quick reference guide to help with potential on field injuries.

Accidents Requiring Medical Treatment

If one of your players (or coaches) are involved in an accident during a league practice or game, you are required to complete an incident/injury tracking report and notify the safety director within 24 hours.  The incident/injury tracking report can be found on page D4 of the safety manual.  

Coaching Tips

Jim Smuck, a former CVLL coach and board member, created an excellent coaching manual that outlines recommended practice drills and techniques to teach quality fundamentals and mechanics.  We feel it is essential to engage your players in fun practices that will keep them coming back to baseball year after year.  Little Leauge International also offers Little League University, a resource site that is full of great information for Local Little Leagues, Coaches, and parents.

For our Tee Ball Coaches, Little League University has a great online and print program for Tee Ball.  Each year we'll give our Tee Ball coaches the printed book, but visit Little League┬« Tee Ball Curriculum to review the online content.

Background Checks

In keeping with Pennsylvania law and with Little League INternational requirements, all named coaches are required to complete a background check.  

Please reference PA Little League Background Clearance Check document when completing your background check.  If you have lived out of state within the last 10 years, CVLL will reimburse the FBI Crimal Background Check.  The fingerprint check can be completed at the IU13 Campus on New Holland Avenue in Lancaster.  Additional questions can be addressed to

Rules & Gameplay

As a chartered local Little League organization, we adhere to the organizational and gameplay rules set forth by Little League International.  CVLL offers additional organizational and gameplay rules that are used specifically for our league.  Here are the rules for our Majors, Minors, Rookies, and Tee Ball divisions.

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