At what level should my child play? 

The typical age groups are broken down as follows based on Little League Age Calculator:

  • T-ball – 5 & 6 year olds
  • Rookies - 7 & 8 year olds
  • Minors - 9 & 10 year olds
  • Majors - 11 & 12 year olds 

We allow 6 year olds to play up on Rookies, 8 year olds to play up on Minors, and 10 year olds to play up on Majors depending on skill & experience. Players hoping to play up must participate in evaluations for the desired level. Per request from a parent, we can allow a 7 year old to remain in t-ball, a 9 year old to remain in rookies, and a 11 year old to remain in Minors depending on skill & experience. Request must be approved by the CVLL Board of Directors.

How do I register my child/children?

Just head over the CVLL Registration Portal to register for Spring or Fall Baseball.  Log into your or set up an account w/ Stone Alley then register your child(ren).  

If you are having difficulty with the online registraion, it is possible to manually complete a registration form.  Just download the form, complete it and email it to cvll_info@yahoo.com.

What are evaluations?

All CVLL Majors and Minors players are required to attend evaluations usually in mid to late February in preparation for the spring season.  Evaluations are not 'try outs'. Each player will be selected to play. However, evaluations give the player agent, board members, and coaches an opportunity to evaluate skill level in preparation for the draft. Each head coach will draft players for his team. Players will be evaluated on fielding, throwing, batting, running, pitching & catching in groups in one hour periods.  Evaluations must be held early enough in the season to allow adequate time for the level directors to assign players to teams and generate a schedule.

How does the draft work for the Major and Minor levels?

Once evaluations are conducted, the final player evaluations are sent to the coaches of the Majors and Minors levels to begin preparing for the draft.  Coaches are randomly assigned a draft order.  A draft consists of rounds where each coach will select one player per round until all players are selected. 

Where do teams practice and play games?

We have three locations where practices and games are held.  However, sometimes games or practices will be held on other fields for special occaissions, make up games and for other scheduling reasons.

  • T-Ball - Practices and Games are held at Witmer Heights Mennonite Church and Smoketown Elementary School.
  • Rookies - Practices and Games are held at Smoketown Elementary School.
  • Minors - Practices and Games are held at Flory Park off of Lincoln Highway behind the East Towne Mall.
  • Majors - Practices and Games are held at Witmer Heights Mennonite Church.

When will practice and games begin?

Teams are selected and finalized in late February and early March. You can expect to hear from your child's coach in March with practice plans. All teams will begin practicing in late March or early April roughly two nights per week, or as the coach schedules at 6p.

Regular season games begin on Opening Day (mid to late April) and last through early June (roughly following the school calendar). Most games will be on weeknights Mon-Fri with occasional weekend games for inter-league play, special games and tournaments. You will receive a full schedule in April from your son's coach.

What type of equipment does my player need?

The only equipment your player truly needs is a baseball glove.  CVLL will provide helmets, balls and bats.  However, CVLL recommends that starting with the Rookies level your player has a pair of cleats, baseball pants, an athletic cup (requirement for catchers) and a way to carry your gear.  Players who want to bring their own bats and helments are welcome to do so.  Please be sure to check out the Little League International Bat Information Page to make sure your bat is permissable to be used for Little League baseball.

What travel tournaments are available for Conestoga Valley Little League players?

Any Conestoga Valley Little League player who plays in at least 60% of all regular season games will be eligible to tryout for a tournament team.  Tournaments are played in the summer after the conclusion of the regular season.  Tournament teams are available for ages 8-9, 9-10, 10-11, and 11-12.

What do I need to do to volunteer?

The CVLL Board of Directors believe that your direct involvement as a parent correlates to your player having a terrific season.  What makes Little League Baseball so great is having a large number of volunteers filling in from Manager to Concessions, from Umpires to Score Keepers, from Coaches to Grounds Crew.  All volunteers matter and many volunteers are needed.

Some volutneer positions like Managers and Coaches require our volunteers to be background checked nationally using Little League International resources as well as statewide as newly (2015) adopted background checks for volunteers.  If you've already been checked, you can upload your documents proving the check on our Stone Alley registration site.  Instructions on how to get background checked are located under our Coach section of our Resources page.

How are finances managed?

The CVLL Board of Directors takes very seriously the stewardship of the league's financial resources.  The Treasurer of the Board of Directors provides financial status updates at every board meeting.  The Board votes on all expenditures after carefully weighing out the cost versus the benefit of the expenditure.

The monies CVLL receives from registration fees, sponsors, donations, fundraising and snack shacks sales are used to pay for facilities, maintenance, equipment, tools and all other costs of running a local Little League program.  Because of the generosity of business and indivisuals in the community, the great efforts by the CVLL community with the fundraiser, and because of our vounteers selling treats in the snack shack, we are able to keep registration fees down.  As a league we would almost need to double the registration cost if we did not have the donations, fundraiser and snack shack.

Since CVLL belongs to the community, the Board of Directors wants the community to know how money is spent.  The 2015 Financial Report and the 2016 Financial Report are availble for the communiy's review.

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